Wondering where to stay in Seychelles? Here are my tips on the best islands to stay and the best Seychelles hotels for every budget.

Empty beaches, spearmint blue water, pristine jungles and lost world islands: Seychelles really is a fabled paradise that lives up to its name. Picture-perfect beaches abound, backed by lush green hills, swaying palm trees and larger-than-life boulders. Centuries-old giant tortoises roam freely, while elegant birds fly overhead.

Off the coast of East Africa, Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands that lie scattered across the Indian Ocean. The island nation is well known as a honeymoon destination, and a luxurious enclave for celebrities and billionaires. There is no shortage of luxury resorts here, but you’ll also find plenty of self catering apartments that are suitable for budget couples and families.

To help you plan your perfect Seychelles itinerary, I am sharing my tips on where to stay in Seychelles and the best Seychelles hotels on each island.

where to stay in seychelles

Where to Stay in Seychelles

Hotel Prices in Seychelles

First things first: Seychelles is an expensive destination. Tourism is controlled to protect the pristine nature of the islands. It’s also a remote island nation and most things need to be imported. But the country has developed economically and has the highest GDP per capita in Africa.

Accommodation prices are high in general — hotel room rates are $150/night on average, with the cheapest room rates starting from $80/night. With 10 days in Seychelles, we stayed in a mixture of hotels, villas and self-catering apartments and we  spent around $1800 on accommodation alone, which was much more than what we usually spend.

To cut cost, try to visit Seychelles during April and October, when prices are lower and the weather is at its best. Rainy season runs from January to February, but downpours are usually short. So if you don’t mind risking a shower you can also save money on accommodation costs by traveling then.

Best Seychelles Hotels for Every Budget

In this guide, I will be talking about the best islands to stay in Seychelles, before sharing a list of the best Seychelles hotels for different kinds of travelers (from honeymooners to families).

For honeymooners looking to splurge on the best hotels in Seychelles, there is no shortage of upscale boutique hotels or luxury hotel chains here. There are also a few family-friendly hotels in Seychelles, but don’t expect to find large scale resorts with kids’ slides or water parks in Seychelles.

Self-catering apartments are common in Seychelles and they’re great for budget travelers and families. They are cheaper than hotels and are fully equipped with cooking facilities. We saved money by cooking and buying take aways and eating in our apartment. 

patatran hotel - where to stay in seychelles la digue

Best Islands to Stay in Seychelles

Most people who visit Seychelles only focus on the three most-inhabited Seychelles islands:

  • Mahe
  • Praslin
  • La Digue

We stayed on all three islands and drove/rode on almost every road on the islands. I will explain more about each island below. But I recommend visiting all 3 islands as they are unique in their own way. You can visit all with one week in Seychelles.

It’s easy and fast to get from one to another: a 1-hour high-speed ferry takes you from Mahe to Praslin, and a 15-min ride brings you onwards to La Digue. Ferries are regular, punctual, and comfortable.

grand anse la digue - where to stay in seychelles

Mahe Island

As the biggest island in Seychelles, Mahe is home to the country’s capital Victoria and around 86% of Seychelles’ population. It’s also where the international airport is located. If you do have to limit your Seychelles trip to one island, Mahe is probably the most logical choice as it is the biggest, with the most variety of things to do.

Rent a car ($45-60/day) and you can see Mahe island in around 3-4 days. Check out my detailed Seychelles itinerary to get an idea. Although the best beaches are on La Digue, Mahe has no shortage of beaches and you can easily find quiet and stunning ones here. It is also possible to do day trips from Mahe to Praslin or La Digue

baie lazare, one of the best places to stay in seychelles

Things to Do in Mahe Seychelles

  • Wander around Victoria, known as one of the world’s smallest capitals. Some of the interesting sights include the newly revamped National History Museum, the clock tower that was built as a replica of London’s Big Ben, the Cathedral, and Hindu Temple. Also worth visiting is the Botanical Gardens, where you’ll find the famous coco de mer palms and giant Aldabra tortoises.

  • Visit the Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market in Victoria. The covered market has everything from fresh seafood (including giant crabs and parrotfish) to exotic spices and traditional paintings.

  • Enjoy local seafood at the night market in Beau Vallon. Every Wednesday evening, there’s a street food market at Beau Vallon that serves up grilled seafood, curry and rice, and cocktails. We missed the market, but we found a few street food stands during the afternoon and on a Monday.

  • Hike in Morne Seychellois National Park, home to a series of peaks including the tallest Morne Seychellois mountain (at 2969 ft or 905m). There are a few hiking trails that lead to waterfalls — with the shortest being the hike to Port Glaud waterfall.

  • Swim at Anse Royale, one of my favorite beaches on Mahe. It’s small but picturesque, framed by granite boulders on the ends. Further south is Anse Baleine, a shallow beach great for snorkeling with fish and chilling out at Surfers Beach Restaurant.
  • Relax at Anse Intendance, another spectacular beach on the southwestern coast. It is a public beach, though part of it is home to Banyan Tree Resort. Currents can be strong, so be careful when swimming. There are also signs for turtle nests, so watch where you walk.

hiking to port glaud waterfall mahe seychelles

Suggested Tours in Mahe Seychelles



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Where to Stay in Mahe Seychelles

The best beaches are on the west coast, and I recommend staying in the southwestern area where there’s least development. Baie Lazare, Anse Takamaka and Anse a la Mouche are all good areas to stay at.

Victoria, the capital city of Mahe, is located on the northeastern coast. It’s the busiest part of the island and is interesting to visit but not to stay as there are no decent beaches nearby. Close to Victoria is Beau Vallon, the main tourist town with most hotels concentrated there. It is possibly the only spot where you can rent a beach bed. 

Budget: Lazare Picault Hotel

Set on a hilltop offering amazing views of the ocean, Lazare Picault is a good budget option with spacious apartments. It is located on Baie Lazare, another beautiful beach in Mahe. Like many budget accommodations in Seychelles, the decor is quite old school but it is comfortable and clean. Check the rates here.

Midrange: Seaside Self Catering

We stayed at this beachfront self catering apartment at Anse a la Mouche and loved our stay. It is located on Anse a la Mouche, not the best beach, but a spectacular spot to watch sunset.  The studio apartment was big enough for our family of 3, and it had all the facilities we needed. The owner was so kind and welcoming, she even bought my daughter a Christmas present. Check the rates here.

Luxury: Kempinski Seychelles Resort

This is definitely the play to stay if you’re on honeymoon in Seychelles. Kempinski (pictured) is the most luxurious hotel chain, and this branch has some of the best restaurants on Mahe. It’s also located on Baie Lazare, within easy driving distance from some of the best beaches in Mahe. Check the rates here.

Praslin Island

The second biggest island, Praslin, is the best place to see Seychelles’ endemic coco de mer palm and giant Aldabra tortoises. The island is definitely a suitable place for those who want a combination of beach time and forest adventure on their Seychelles trip. You can see the island in just 2-3 days with a rental car.

Praslin is just an hour’s ferry ride away from Mahe.  I recommend booking your ferry tickets on Viator as it is slightly cheaper ($60/way) and there is free cancellation. You’ll need to get to the ferry terminal at least 1 hour before your ferry departure time to check in your luggage. The boat trip can be bumpy, depending on weather conditions. 

cote d'or beach - where to stay in praslin seychelles

Things to Do in Praslin Seychelles

  • See endemic coco de mer palms in UNESCO site, Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve. It is one of only two places in the world where the rare coco de mer palm grows in its natural state. It’s also a birding hotspot: watch for the endemic Seychelles bulbul and the endangered black parrot.
  • Hike in the Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve. With an area of 122 hectares, Fond Ferdinand is more than six times larger than Vallée de Mai, and is even richer in terms of endemic plant and animal species.
  • Do a day trip to Curieuse island to see giant Aldabra tortoises. The island has a breeding program for these giant tortoises (that live up to 200 years). You can visit the island only on an organized boat trip.
  • Swim at Anse Lazio, known as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The long beach has clear indigo waters with great waves, a thick fringe of palm and takamaka trees, and granite boulders at each extremity.
  • Relax on Cote D’Or, the most popular beach on the island, and certainly the longest. The wide sandy beach is excellent for swimming and it’s lined with restaurants, including the excellent-value Pirogue Restaurant.

see the giant aldabra tortoise on praslin

Suggested Tours in Praslin Seychelles


Where to Stay in Praslin Seychelles

The most famous beach on Praslin is Anse Lazio, on the northwestern coast of the island, though it’s hard to find accommodation in the area. The national park (and nature reserves) covers the interior of the island.

Cote D’Or on the east coast is the main tourist town and where there are most activities. The west coast of Praslin island, around Grand Anse, is less built up. For those on a budget, I recommend staying along Grand Anse, where you can find cheaper accommodation.

Budget: Praslin Holiday Home

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This budget option offers spacious and clean apartments just a few minutes from Grand Anse beach. It includes free parking and it’s walking distance from shops and restaurants. Great value and reasonable prices! Check the rates here.

Midrange: 4 Etoiles Holiday Villa

We stayed at this holiday villa and highly recommend it! Just a 5-min walk from Cote D’or, this family-run property has 3 villas (each with one bedroom and a nice living area) and a swimming pool. The family lives on the property and are always happy to help. Check the rates here.

Luxury: Raffles Seychelles

Certainly the most upscale hotel on Praslin, Raffles Seychelles (pictured) is located on the hills close to the famous Anse Lazio. All of its modern villas feature wide a open-air balcony, private pool, outdoor rain shower and bath tub. Designed for a dreamy romantic escape!  Check the rates. 

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La Digue Island

La Digue is without a doubt my favorite Seychelles island. Despite being just a 15-minute ferry journey from Praslin, the vast majority of it is untouched by development. La Digue is small enough to cycle everywhere. There are only a handful of vehicles on the island. There aren’t big scale hotels, only small guesthouses and local restaurants.

I personally think everyone needs to include La Digue in their Seychelles itinerary. La Digue epitomizes the beauty of Seychelles: all of the most beautiful landscapes and beaches of Seychelles can be found here. Plus the island is so rural and rustic, you’ll feel like you’re getting back to basics, and reconnecting by disconnecting (leave the devices behind!).

anse banane on la digue, one of the best islands to stay in seychelles

Things to Do in La Digue Seychelles

  • Visit the famous Anse Source d’Argent, the poster child of Seychelles. It is not just one single beach, but rather a series of coves and beaches framed by giant million-year-old boulders and craning coconut palms. You can’t visit Seychelles without coming here.
  • Explore L’Union Estate, an open air museum of sorts. Anse Source d’Argent belongs to this private estate and you’ll need to pay a fee ($15 for a day) to visit anyway, so make use of your entrance and visit the art gallery, giant tortoise pen and vanilla tree plantation here.
  • Go on a glass kayak tour around Anse Source d’Argent. This was by far my favorite experience on our whole Seychelles trip. We had a panoramic tour, visited a manta ray spot before visiting 3 remote beaches only accessible by the ocean. One of them was the film setting for the 1988 Robinson Crusoe movie.

  • Swim at Grand Anse., La Digue’s longest beach.  It’s ridiculously spectacular, though the bicycle ride there is quite steep. Walk a few hundred meters to the left of Grand Anse and you’ll find yourself in the quieter Petit Anse, accessible only by foot.
  • Snorkel off Anse Banane, a scenic beach of salt-white sand features shallow water and a lively marine life. It’s a great place to flop, especially after a meal or beer at the fantastic Chez Jules beachfront restaurant (which serves good food and also has giant tortoise!).
  • Visit the Veuve Nature Reserve, one of the last refuges of the black paradise flycatcher, which locals call the veuve (widow). 


kayaking at anse source d'argent

Where to Stay in La Digue Seychelles

The busiest area in La Digue is the jetty area known as La Passe. Most shops, take aways and restaurants are located here. I recommend staying on the northern end of La Digue, which is quieter and the beaches are empty and calm. The most famous beaches, Grand Anse and Anse Source d’Argent are on the southern end.

Budget: Villa Authentique

Located just 300 m from La Digue Harbor, Villa Authentique has simple rooms with private bathrooms and air-conditioning. The area is quite busy and is a great spot for those who like to be in the center of everything. Check the rates.

Midrange: Patatran Village Hotel

We stayed at the Patatran Village Hotel (pictured), located on the quieter northern side of the island. We like the location and swimming pool, though the hotel does need a new look. Its rooms and restaurant are very old-fashioned, but comfortable and air-conditioned. Check the rates.

Luxury: Le Domaine de L’Orangeraie Resort and Spa

Located beside the harbor, this is the biggest resort on the island and also the most stylish. It’s both modern and rustic at the same time: featuring traditional island-style design (wooden floor and earth colors) and open-air bathrooms. Villas on the hilltop feature private pools that overlook the sea. Check the rates.

Where to Stay in Seychelles for Honeymooners ($1000+)

North Island Resort (Private Island)

Made famous by Prince William and Kate Middleton, North island is definitely one of the best islands to stay in Seychelles for honeymooners. Privacy and exclusivity are the focus of the private island resort. Packages are 100% tailored to your needs. A stay at North Island is not cheap of course, but everything from scuba diving to sunset cruises and morning yogas is included. Check the rates.

Six Senses Zil Pasyon (Private Island)

Located on the island of Félicité, Six Senses Zil Pasyon is the newest private island resort in Seychelles. You can get here in just 20 minutes from the international airport by helicopter, or a short boat trip from Praslin island. Extensive as the resort is, it occupies just one third of the 652-acre island, the rest of which has been left wild. Check the rates.

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MAIA Luxury Resort (Mahe)

Perched on the hilltops along the southwestern coast of Mahe, this luxurious resort is characterized by iconic thatch-roofed villas (pictured) that each feature infinity pools and panoramas of the Indian Ocean. MAIA goes beyond the all-inclusive experience and follows a ‘Whenever, Wherever Whatever’ concept, where guests can enjoy a candlelight dinner on the beach or unlimited scuba diving. Check the rates.

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles (Mahe)

Topping the charts as one of the 50 most luxurious hotels in the world, Four Seasons  Resort Seychelles is set within the horseshoe-shaped bay of Petite Anse. Its 67 Seychellois villas are perched on soaring stilts to ensure everyone’s deck peeks above the treetops for a slice of that fabulous view. Inside, the villas feel like treehouses particularly in the evening when fruit bats fly past and evening swims shatter the perfect reflection of champagne pink clouds in your private infinity pool.

Where to Stay in Seychelles for Affordable Luxury ($200+)

ValMer Resort & Spa (Mahe)

One of the best value hotels in Seychelles is ValMer Resort (pictured) on the Baie Lazare coast of Mahe. This is one of the best areas to stay in Seychelles because of the calm waters. Rooms vary from junior suites to family villas that have private pools overlooking the ocean. The hotel’s best feature is definitely the infinity pool poised at the foot of giant boulders. There is also a children’s playground and library. Check the rates.

Le Château de Feuille (Praslin)

Hidden away in a quiet part of Praslin island, Le Chateau de Feuilles is eclectic and unique in every sense of the world.  The location is sublime, and is full of discreet corners where you can sit comfortably to enjoy the panorama. Views at Le Chateau de Feuilles are spectacular, but for the ultimate view you must visit the jacuzzi with unparalleled 360 degree views across the Indian Ocean. Check the rates.

Le Relax Luxury Lodge (La Digue)

One of the few luxury resorts on La Digue, Le Relax has a great location along the northern end of the island which is quieter. Its modern chalets are nestled on a lush hillside overlooking Anse Gaulette beach. Its villas are tastefully decorated with edgy four-poster beds and slick wooden furnishing. There’s also an infinity-edge plunge pool offering great views of the ocean.

Check the Latest Rates

valmer resort - great value seychelles hotel

Where to Stay in Seychelles for Families ($200+)

Constance Ephelia (Mahe)

Located on Port Glaud within a marine park, Constance Ephelia is one of the rare few family-oriented resorts in Seychelles thanks to the array of water sports available. Families can easily hire a kayak or snorkeling masks or sign up for a hike to a nearby waterfall. Kids are especially well catered here with a large kids’ club (for ages 4 to 11) that has indoor and outdoor play areas, games, a computer station, a trampoline, and even a mini rock-climbing wall. Check the rates.

Coco de Mer Hotel and Black Parrot Suites (Praslin)

What makes this hotel (pictured) stand out from the others is the unique, free-standing infinity deck that juts out into the sea. It’s definitely one of the best hotels on Praslin. The hotel offers spacious family suites that are ideal for those traveling with kids. The hotel is located in a private beach area in Anse Bois de Rose. Check the rates.

Le Nautique Waterfront Hotel (La Digue)

Located close to the jetty in La Digue, this upscale hotel has tastefully designed and spacious rooms and, best of all, 2 and 3-bedroom villas perfect for families. It has a shallow pool and a private beach area, which are both suitable for young kids. Its restaurant serves modern fusion cuisine as well as western classics for the young ones.

Check the Rates

coco de mer praslin hotel

Where to Stay in Seychelles for Budget Travelers ($80+)

Lime Hill Lodge (Mahe)

Located in Anse aux Pins Beach (closest beach to the airport), Lime Hill Lodge provides comfortable rooms with air conditioning. There’s free parking and an outdoor swimming pool. The restaurant also serves pretty decent food. This is definitely one of the cheapest places to stay on Mahe. Check the rates.

Sahaj Holiday Apartments (Praslin)

This is one of the cheapest options on Praslin but it offers excellent value with very clean, new and spacious accommodation. You can choose from standard twin rooms to 3-bedroom apartments for those with big families. There are no swimming pools, but the nearest beach is just a few minutes’ walk away. Check the rates.

Chez Mera Self Catering (La Digue)

Within a 5-minute walk from Anse La Reunion Beach (close to the busy center), Chez Mera Self Catering has clean, spacious apartments that are suitable for families or couples. Each unit comes with a balcony, a living area and fully equipped kitchen. It is one of the cheapest places on La Digue.

Check the Rates

anse l'islette on Mahe

Don’t forget you can see the locations of all the best Seychelles hotels I mentioned in the maps above. You can also click the links to see the respective maps:

I hope you’ve found this Seychelles hotels guide to be helpful. If you have anymore questions on where to stay in Seychelles, leave me a comment below!

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