I’ve seen sunrise in many parts of the world, but catching sunrise from the top of sand dunes is quite something.

Shades of orange and red danced across the vast desert as the wind blew the sand around us into a whirlpool. We watched a dramatic display of lights and colors as the orange yolk rose quickly above the sand dunes. Within seconds, the sun had poked above the mounds of sand and risen above our heads. The desert was now blanketed in a smoldering shade of gold and darkness had been completely replaced by bright sunlight.

We were catching sunrise atop Dune 45, Namib Desert’s most famous sand dune. Here in the Sossusvlei National Park, flaming red sand dunes abound, with hundreds of them scattered throughout the oldest desert in the world. Beneath the surface lies rich minerals, specifically iron oxide, which give the dunes their unique color. Here’s a quick look at the photos of the sunrise, stay tuned for the full story!








Disclaimer: This experience was made possible by G Adventures (as part of the Dune, Deltas and Falls tour), but all opinions expressed above are my own. Read more about my Southern Africa adventures here or follow my updates on twitter and facebook.

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